LTA’s Taxation Team supports you to run your business without being afraid of the recent legislation changes in the countries where your entity is operating.

Our Tax’s services include:


Evolving trends are changing the way tax functions are operating. LTA offers to your business the opportunity to understand the changing in Tax functions making the Tax function a key component of your business strategy.


During the financial close, efficiency, accuracy and speed, for our tax department, are the main goals. To achieve those objectives, you must be able to collect the right information from data and produce reports and work papers that support your provision. LTA’s Taxation Team, help you deliver the tax provision quickly and accurately, reducing errors and time-consuming.

International Tax

LTA’s Taxation Team helps you understand the differences among countries legislation system and to be constantly updated. LTA’s tax services are: tax planning, tax compliance and multi-national tax return preparation.

Federal Taxes, State and Local Tax (SALT) and Sales and Use Tax

LTA supports you to deal with the large number of federal tax and form such as:

• Income Tax,
• Form 1040,
• Form 1120,
• Form 1065,
• Schedule K-1,
• Tax Incentives & Credits,
• Sales & Use Tax,
• Tangible Property Tax and other.

Moreover, State and Local Tax (SALT) like:

• Income & Franchise Tax,
• Annual Registration Fees,
• Nexus,
• Tangible Property Tax,
• Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution,
• Tax Incentives & Credits,
• SALT Regulatory Updates and other.

In addition, for Sales and Use Taxes, services like:

• Evaluation and design of sales/use tax procedures and controls,
• Product taxability reviews and taxability matrix preparation,
• Tax return preparation,
• Multistate NEXUS evaluation,
• Voluntary disclosure,
• Refund reviews and other.