Financial Consultancy

LTA’s Financial Consultancy Team supports your business from the optimization of the financial structure to debt management. LTA offers a wide range of financial consultancy services that deal with:

• Preparation of business plans for the identification of optimal financing structure;
• Seeking and applying funds, as well as relevant accounting;
• Search for financial and industrial partners;
• Structuring of corporate finance operations through feasibility studies;
• Approval of financial plans in project financing transactions;
• Negotiation and managing relations with lending institutions.

Management Control System

LTA offers a wide range of supporting activities for the managers, to improve performance and make sure the available resources are properly exploited to gain a competitive advantage.

• Reporting system
• Analytical Account system;
• Information System;
• Monitoring System;
• Analysis of variances in budgeted versus actual results;
• Best solutions for reaching or redefining goals;
• Optimization of the available resources;
• Planning for the company start-up;
• Forecasting;
• Market analysis;
• Competitive analysis;
• Business Strategy;
• Business Plan.

Extraordinary Operations

LTA’s Financial Consultancy Team assists you in the planning and implementation of corporate reorganization and generally in any extraordinary operation such as:

  • M&A operations;
  • Tax, legal, financial, environmental and accounting due diligence for the acquisition and sale of business,
    companies and business units;
  • Fiscal and personnel check-ups;
  • Assessment of company, its business division and shareholdings;
  • Transfer of shares, preparation of shareholder agreements and business plan;
  • Reorganization of groups and corporate structures (mergers, divisions, transfers, spin-offs, transformations, acquisitions with debt load);
  • Establishment of joint ventures, temporary business associations, public-private corporate structures, business networks;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Business recovery planning.