Multidisciplinary Approach Customized Services


We offer assistance and consultancy to companies and private clients in their administrative management, with entirely customized solutions for the day-to–day activities such as organization and structure of general and industrial accounting systems, corporate administration, drawing up of a financial statements, formalities related to indirect taxes and local taxes.


Your difficulty to float in the huge number of updates and in the several rule’s differences between countries is our daily bread.


The service is developed in three phases through which the entrepreneurial idea is illustrated, analysed and finalized. General interview about the entrepreneurial/project idea, discussion of pre-feasibility, and search for investors/industry partner.


LTA’s Audit Team, help your business and you, examining books, accounts, documents and vouchers to understand how far the financial statements present a true and fair view of the concern and to ensure that the books of accounts are properly as required by law.

We are an organization whose experts are specialized in the economic, corporate, tax and administrative areas.

We provide high-quality advisory services tailored to the clients’ needs.

Thanks to a direct relationship with the client, a constantly updated and multidisciplinary approach to the changing problems that characterize the economic reality of our times, we work for you to provide effective and successful solutions.

We are principally focused on help your business in four lead groups of services: ACCOUNTING, AUDITING, TAXATION, and CONSULTING.

Our approach is oriented to your satisfaction achieved through working closely together and focusing on three main points:

  • Time, fast development
  • Cost, competitive price
  • Result, high efficiency

Work with us is also a serious opportunity to your business to grow rapidly and achieve its goals.



Let Our Team Show You The Meaning Of Excellence